Machine Learning with a Fractional CDO


If you have even a passing interest in modern computer science (or are a fan of popular science fiction), then you’ve most likely heard the term “Artificial Intelligence,” and understand the implications of incorporating a self-running computer program into the organization of your company’s data. Machine Learning is a component in the development of Artificial Intelligence, or “AI.” AI is a broad catch-term that can describe a number of non-biological intelligences performing complex processes: these can range from Narrow AIs performing narrowly defined tasks (like the program providing the best routes in your GPS program running on your phone), to the General AIs super performing virtually any task imaginable. Although the latter type of AI (at the moment) remains squarely in the realm of speculative fiction, the proper narrowly focused AI can help your business run more efficiently. At its core, Machine Learning is a subset of the broader field of AI: basically, Machine Learning, or “ML,” is the applied statistics of a particular AI.

Align BI utilizes high-quality data and statistical computation to optimize a program's output that is tailored towards the specific needs of your small business. ML is an exciting new discipline that combines key parts of mathematics, statistics, and AI into a technology that is effectively “greater than the sum of its parts.”

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Aspirational AI

The basic premise behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is that programming engineers should aspire to more than just writing programs that complete particular tasks: programmers should develop algorithms that actually teach computers how to write programs on their own.


In turn, those self-same programs must then become "intelligent" enough to allow them to learn from past information and interactions. Machine Learning cultivates AI-driven software that is capable of developing its own programs—having learned from past experiences—which then offers proactive solutions for the future.

Align BI’s Fractional CDOs provide companies with the ML technologies that help them to utilize the huge amount of data that they've collected; executives can then invest their resources in practices that are based on the newly acquired actionable predictions—and watch their companies adapt, accelerate, and grow.

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Data Matters

Many processes in the field of Machine Learning remain experimental; in essence, though experts in the field—like Fractional CDOs—are able to extract or synthesize knowledge from ML results, the quality of the data collected is directly correlative to creating the best predictive analytics. Hiring a Fractional CDO can help your company apply ML technologies in myriad methods, but the effectiveness depends on the quality of your data. The good news is, you can partner with us to ensure that your business is collecting the most comprehensive and accurate data available to your business.

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Multi-Faceted Benefits of Machine Learning

Machine Learning focused AI is multidimensional: it can be applied in myriad ways, depending on the needs of a particular industry: 

  • An e-commerce brand:
    • Benefit from AI-based recommender systems, 
    • More efficient ad placement
    • Targeting of your services and promotions to specific customers and visitors based on their demographics or buying habits. 

Machine Learning focused AI is all about optimization: either through automating repetitive routine work, or analyzing huge amounts of data (past and real-time) to help the executives of your company make better decisions.

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Forward to the Future

Align BI’s data analytics software incorporates features that democratize analytics: a process that clarifies huge amounts of data in a fraction of the time it would take a human-led team so that executives can seamlessly move from data synthesis to actionable choices. By using this software and utilizing the assistance of experienced Fractional CDOs, the possibilities open up to include: 

  • Helping businesses to develop software capable of understanding natural human language
  • Improving the efficiency of transportation routes for product delivery 
  • Preventative maintenance that lessens the instances of equipment breakdowns
  • Increasing profits through specifically-targeted marketing 

Machine Learning focused AI allows businesses to better understand their customer-sourced data to develop consumer profiles, increase their sales, and improve brand loyalty. Are you ready to set the right foot forward with your team? Contact us today to hear more about Align BI’a software and the vitalness of a Fractional CDO in your corner.


If you’d like to inquire more about our data organization warehouse services, or would like a consultation to see how we can utilize your data to be more efficient for your enterprise, please don’t hesitate to give the team at Align B.I. a call, today!