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Jay’s been doing full-time BI for 17 years now and especially loves building dashboards and busting out predictive analytics. He often geeks out for hours (admittedly days) determining the quotient and building BI systems.

He’s fortunate to have a wife and 4 children who periodically bring him back to at least a somewhat normal state.

When he’s not doing BI, he can often be found playing soccer with his family in the garage they’ve turned into an indoor soccer field thanks to some artificial turf. He should have stopped playing years ago, but no one has the heart to tell him.

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Ryan was actually an AlignBI customer for almost a decade before joining them. He even found himself “selling” AlignBI to a few different friends. He decided if he was going to sell them he might as well join them. Fortunately it was an easy partnership. Ryan was looking to solve new business problems with data science and AlignBI was looking to expand its data science offerings.

Before joining AlignBI Ryan spent a decade analyzing and optimizing Adobe Inc’s marketing and sales funnels. The last 3 of those years he was building attribution and media mix models to help Adobe improve its MROI. He has two masters degrees: an MBA and a MS in Data Science.

Each data science project brings a sense of adventure for Ryan. It’s a natural fit for him since he’s almost always looking for a new adventure. His favorite adventures are always with his family and typically include mountain biking, skiing, hiking and camping. A few of his hobbies, like backcountry skiing, mountaineering and trail running are a little too advanced for the family…but not for too much longer.

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We don’t really know how to answer where Daniel’s from, since he grew up internationally. For over 20 years now he has settled in the world of data warehousing and BI, while still supporting companies in several countries.

Though he lives and dies by a multi dimensionally shaped world, Daniel still knows how to think outside the box. His career started out in Finance until the BI bug bit him, exploiting his technical passion along with his business and cultural understanding.

The only downside to gaining valuable BI experience is having to accept the fact that aging is inversely related to his game of soccer and skiing.

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Peter Nettesheim co-founded Align BI and has been working in the data and business intelligence space for more than 20 years. While working in Loyola University Chicago’s sports information and statistics department and for several integrated marketing communications firms in the Windy City, Peter realized the true power behind marketing and business is data.

It was during the crazy days of the dot com bubble that he took his business experience to Arthur Andersen and became a database and data warehouse systems expert, with the vision to someday blend his business and technical expertise. That day came farther back than Peter wants to admit, but it has allowed him to architect and lead teams that implemented revolutionary analytic platforms at various companies. Those implementations helped formulate a data strategy framework that has taken organizations into previously unknown levels of understanding and analysis.

When he’s not leaping mounds of data in a single bound or relishing time with his family, he longs to play soccer with Jay and Daniel again, although any leaping there has become just plain ugly.

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Coby is the youngest member of the team and is always learning something new. While completing an internship with Align BI, Coby fostered an interest for data visualization and database design. Building out dashboards in Power BI, Tableau, and Pyramid Analytics, keep him tethered to his computer.
In his free time, Coby runs, plays basketball, runs, enjoys the outdoors, and runs. He’s looking forward to a 73 mile race this summer.

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Akira stumbled into and immediately became passionate about data while studying finance and economics at Southern Utah University. She enjoys the challenge and the satisfaction of successfully building data solutions that are both reliable and efficient. She loves to travel and being relatively new to Utah, she explores local sites in her free time with her French Bulldog, Rango.

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Steve graduated from Brigham Young University in 2008 with an MBA and MS ME from the Product Development program. Using both his degrees, Steve finds his niche bridging the gap between Engineering and Business.  He has developed several engineering and business tools in a variety of programming languages. He is thrilled to be working for a small business where he can use his skills to contribute in the many ways that a growing company needs.

Steve loves his wife & family of 5 children. He also loves math, science, hiking and airplanes. His wife gives him an odd look when he gets to relax and settles down with a good textbook for “fun”. He loves learning in general, and loves making a difference by shedding new light on complex problems.

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Dan Stober is a business intelligence consultant with over two decades of experience working in databases and presentation tools. He has a deep understanding of relational databases and tools to transform and organize data into useful structures to yield business insights. He shares his knowledge presenting at national and local conferences and user groups and remains active in the local community.

When he’s not coding, Dan loves to travel. Whether it be a flight across the ocean, or just a road trip in Utah, he’s always ready to go, and there’s a special place in his heart for trips to Disney with his grandkids.

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Harper found his passion for working in tech in high school while taking a wide variety of introductory coding classes. After high school, Harper attended Lambda School (now called Bloom Institute of Technology) where he became certified in Full Stack Web Development. He has enjoyed the day to day challenges of working in his field and learning every day.

Along with growing his skills as a developer, Harper enjoys his time at the gym, playing or watching any sport he can find, spending time with his Siberian Husky, cooking, and many more things!

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