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Learn about the brilliant companies we partner with to bring the best BI services to our clients!

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Tableau is the top BI visualization platform on the market. Their analytics software has become the standard for businesses, organizations, teams, and individual users.

At Align BI, when we create executive dashboards, which help display data sets for internal processes and executive meetings, Tableau is our platform of choice. We also conduct trainings and hosts user meetings for our clients who use Tableau.

Here are the key benefits that drive our partnership with Tableau:

  • Increases efficiency of analysis and data preparation hours.
  • Improves self-reporting within an enterprise.
  • Updates in real-time.
  • Makes key data points easy to understand and make decisions with.

Learn more about Tableau here.


Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse product, which helps collect enormous amounts of data in a central, easily accessible location. It is becoming more and more essential in the BI industry to have cloud-based solutions for your data warehousing.

Align BI partners with Snowflake to give our clients the cloud-based data warehousing option that is necessitated in a modern marketplace. As such, many of the datasets and warehouses that we construct are either built on Snowflake, or implemented there, later.

Here are the key benefits we’ve found of using Snowflake:

  • Is a fully operational ANSI SQL data warehouse.
  • Minimizes management costs and demands, due to frequent updates and excellent performance.
  • Handles diverse sources of data, and can convert XML, JSON, and Avro to SQL.
  • Scalable to virtually any amount of data or size of enterprise.

Learn more about Snowflake here.


Microsoft offers a variety of different products to the BI industry, mainly SQL Server, which is their proprietary database platform, and Power BI, which is a visualization platform like Tableau. The close integration between these two products helps make complex data organization and storing processes even easier.

At Align BI, we use these products to both build data warehouses and create executive dashboards to extrapolate and visualize that data. In particular, we use Microsoft’s BI-related products to build OLAP cubes, so that our clients get a diversified array of data and ways to view that data, to provide analysis services, and for SQL server integration services (SSIQ).

Here are some key benefits that SQL Server provides:

  • Built-in AI options that enables machine learning capabilities.
  • Can be migrated to a cloud-spaced storage.
  • Integrates with a variety of apps, or allows you to build your own.
  • Is an excellent option for on-premise storage.

Learn more about Microsoft’s SQL Server here.

Big Squid

Big Squid has a cloud-based machine learning platform called Kraken, which enables you to use AI to create various predictions, based on your data. These predictions include things like forecasting revenue, the next best products to go for, or potential attrition of clients. Machine learning has become an integral part of the BI industry, and is necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

We partner with Big Squid and utilize Kraken to build machine learning components into our data warehouses. This gives helps our executive dashboards not only visually represent data, but gives keener and more timely insights on how that data is going to change and what an enterprise can do to affect it.

Here are some key benefits we get from working with Big Squid:

  • Delivers informative insights derived from your existing data.
  • Optimizes business teams to tackle problems, instead of trying to figure out what they are.
  • Improves decision-making abilities from executive leadership.
  • Saves countless hours of time for employees.

Learn more about Big Squid here.


If you have questions about our processes and how we utilize our partnerships to add value to data, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call, today!