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One of the most fun things we do at Align BI is our Greater Good Program. We’re not saying that data management isn’t fun, all we’re saying is that giving one of our employees $750-1000 that they must use to benefit the lives of a friend, family member, or stranger is a little bit more fun—and that’s what our Greater Good Program is all about.

Every month, we take turns receiving some money that we must use to perform a charitable action. This action can be anything, with the only rule being that it must be for the greater good! Once we have performed our good deed, we write a short report about it and put it up on a wall that we have dedicated to the Greater Good Program. The wall serves as a great reminder for why we do what we do and how important it is to serve others.

Some examples of things we have done include hosting a charitable soccer tournament, purchasing Christmas presents for less fortunate children, and donating shoes and food to a village in Guatemala.

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