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The dots are already there… we help you connect them.
You know that the data you’re collecting is valuable to your business. But you’re not quite sure how to best extract and apply the insights.

AlignBI is in the business of your business. We look at the various components of your data holistically and turn it into the clear knowledge that drives your big decisions.

Empowering Decision Makers to Act Boldly

Data Warehousing

Your Data: All in one place. All aligned to empower your bold actions 

Many high level decision makers find themselves basing important decisions on limited data and pure instinct.

Instead, save time and money making decisions grounded in the whole history of your business data. 

Data Warehousing

Built for you

Custom databases and BI dashboards

Integrated data that supports your business operations and performance by clearly organizing and display your data and making it more accessible to decision makers in order to Identify trends and patterns in order to take the next best action.

Built For You
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The whole picture at your fingertips

A custom built BI Dashboard allows you to focus on the KPI’s:

Intuitive data management and visualization solutions save time and empower your bold decisions.

Interactive elements like filters and actions allow content creators to combine charts, graphs and reports in a single screen for snapshot overviews.

Improve employee relations with ultimate accessibility and data transparency.

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