Get a Killer Data Strategy with a Fractional CDO
Now, you can get the Chief Data Officer strategy-without hiring a full-time CDO

How a fractional CDO can help your business:

Just like real estate, a fleet of trucks, manufacturing equipment, or a skilled workforce, data should be treated as a critical component of any company. However, many medium and small-sized companies aren’t implementing their data in a way that generates revenue, builds relationships, improves operations, and guides executive-level decision-making.

That’s because data strategies can be complex to develop & track, much less implement. It takes a very specific skillset and specialization to do so. Large corporations have a C-level position created just for this: a CDO (chief data officer). However, small and medium-sized businesses usually can’t afford to create an executive position just to manage their data. But this doesn’t mean they can afford to ignore their data needs, either.

This is why Align BI offers Fractional CDO services, which helps companies get all of the benefits of having a CDO at a much lower cost.

Align BI – Your Fractional CDO Firm


Get a customized data strategy with Align BI’s proprietary data strategy framework, proven over 15 years. We’ll help you connect your data strategy to your business mission and vision, build a personalized data roadmap, and implement data best practices across all 10 pillars of our data strategy framework.

With Align BI, you can

Get Proactive

Play data offense and defense with a new data strategy

Increase Sales

Use your data to improve customer acquisition and retention

Identify New Revenue

Find ways to monetize your data.