Fractional CDO Services: Turn Your Data into an Advantage


Just like real estate, a fleet of trucks, manufacturing equipment, or a skilled workforce, data should be treated as a critical component of any company. However, many medium and small-sized companies aren’t implementing their data in a way that generates revenue, builds relationships, improves operations, and guides executive-level decision-making.

That’s because data strategies can be complex to develop & track, much less implement. It takes a very specific skillset and specialization to do so. Large corporations have a C-level position created just for this: a CDO (chief data officer). However, small and medium-sized businesses usually can’t afford to create an executive position just to manage their data. But this doesn’t mean they can afford to ignore their data needs, either.

This is why Align BI offers Fractional CDO services, which helps companies get all of the benefits of having a CDO at a much lower cost.

data organization model
What Does a Fractional CDO Do?

Any data strategy that’s worth its salt is going to be personalized to the specific business, and is going to include high-concept terms like “predictive analytics,” “data visualization,” and “data warehousing.” However, there are several key end-goals that a Fractional CDO can help a company do:

  • Sell Your Data
    • Selling this data is one of the most straightforward ways to turn your data into profits. Indeed, roughly 20% of new startups find that the data exhaust from their activities is more valuable than their core business idea.
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  • Organize Your Data
    • A key aspect of what Fractional CDOs do is help manage & track your data. This means building a data architecture to manage datasets and creating dashboards that visualize information to aid in decision-making.
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  • Protect Your Data
    • Businesses should be protecting their data in the same way that they would be protecting other company assets. Fractional CDOs help set up meaningful components of a data security program.
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  • Improve Your Data
    • Poor data quality means messy datasets that have an adverse effect on helping make high-level decisions. We help our clients determine what qualifies as meaningful and valuable data points in their industry and for their specific company. 
  • Integrate Data into Processes
    • Knowing is half the battle when it comes to your data. The other half is implementing that data into key processes within an organization so that it improves operations and provides a benefit to your workforce, your customers, and your executives. 
  • Ensure Data Compliance
    • There are important regulations put in place to protect people’s personal information. These regulations can vary by industry (such as for the medical or legal industries). We help ensure that your business is compliant with federal and local regulations that pertain to your industry.
  • Train Your Team
    • Encouraging data literacy throughout an organization is a major part of our Fractional CDO services at Align BI. We can help train key members on your team to operate the data architecture that we set up and implement. 
  • Implement Machine Learning
    • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics are major terms you hear in the data industry. We help our clients understand what these terms actually mean and how they can help their business stay ahead of the curve.
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If you’d like to inquire more about our data organization warehouse services, or would like a consultation to see how we can utilize your data to be more efficient for your enterprise, please don’t hesitate to give the team at Align B.I. a call, today!