The business intelligence testimonials from our customers say a lot about our experience and expertise in helping businesses succeed.

“Align BI co-built with Adobe, and maintained a data platform that enabled Adobe to optimize all of their marketing decisions worldwide for the last 10 years. This platform formed the basis for Adobe to build deeper Data Driven Operation Models for other aspects of running our business aside from just the marketing impact as well. Align BI helped us pull data from all of the various source systems, land it in a structured data warehouse, and then allowed us to access it through whatever reporting interface the various end users (there were almost a thousand of them) wanted to utilize. In addition, they also helped us implement several complex marketing attribution algorithms over the years that helped better optimize marketing activities and allowed us to make better informed higher level strategic decisions. Not only do they have technical chops, but their ability to get along with our numerous team members made them a great partner. If you are looking for a great addition to your BI and analytics team, look no further than Align BI!”

Dan Mondragon

Director, Experience Cloud, Adobe
“Working with Align BI has been a pleasure. They built a very robust and sophisticated multidimensional model for all of Adobe’s reporting needs, and they worked around the clock to do so. Adobe’s marketers use the reporting system to make fact based decisions, fostering a culture of intelligent marketing spend and increased ROI.”

Shane Johnson


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