We don’t really know how to answer where Daniel’s from, since he grew up internationally. For over 20 years now he has settled in the world of data warehousing and BI, while still supporting companies in several countries.

Though he lives and dies by a multi dimensionally shaped world, Daniel still knows how to think outside the box. His career started out in Finance until the BI bug bit him, exploiting his technical passion along with his business and cultural understanding.

The only downside to gaining valuable BI experience is having to accept the fact that aging is inversely related to his game of soccer and skiing.


Jay’s been doing full-time BI for 17 years now and especially loves building dashboards and busting out predictive analytics. He often geeks out for hours (admittedly days) determining the quotient and building BI systems.

He’s fortunate to have a wife and 4 children who periodically bring him back to at least a somewhat normal state.

When he’s not doing BI, he can often be found playing soccer with his family in the garage they’ve turned into an indoor soccer field thanks to some artificial turf. He should have stopped playing years ago, but no one has the heart to tell him.

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