Organize Your Data


Today’s world is driven by data. Optimizing data not only helps companies to operate on a most basic level but to thrive. Managing massive amounts of data is one of the biggest obstacles many start-ups and established businesses face. Whether it’s due to the fact that a company is unsure of how to properly collect and organize data, or it’s due to sheer volume, both processes can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process that costs a company greatly when done incorrectly.

If you’re unwilling to put your company at risk from mismanaged data, it may be time to call in Align BI’s Fractional CDOs. Data organization is our passion. By hiring a Fractional CDO you can immediately see the benefits that simple organization can have. Know what you have, understand its value, and allow a Fractional CDO to train your team in how to continue organizing data efficiently and effectively.

As companies grow, so does the data that they collect. A major aspect of what our Fractional CDOs do is help manage & track your data. From building a data architecture to managing datasets to creating dashboards that visualize information to aid in decision-making, a Fractional CDO will handle it all.

data organization model
Organization is Key

Data is a necessary part of our every day in and out of the office or warehouse. From tracking sales numbers to understanding what your clientele wants in the future, data is always the key factor in smoother operations. Simply put, your data tells you what’s working and what isn’t. Ensuring that your data is properly organized and managed can aid any company, small or substantial, in finding success. What will a Fractional CDO do for you?

  • Don’t Go it Alone: Companies that deal with large amounts of data aren’t always equipped to deal with data management on their own. Data is easily “lost in the shuffle”, leaving valuable data to lay to waste. Hiring a Fractional CDO means lessening the burden on you and your team.
  • Address Inconsistencies: Overlooking inconsistencies are easily done in management systems that aren’t up to par. Proper data management performed by a Fractional CDO will help your company find those inconsistencies and quickly rectify them.
  • Help Your Company Grow: Solid data architecture will act as a blueprint to help you better utilize your company’s data. There’s untapped value in the data you aren’t using, and a Fractional CDO can help you visualize and actualize what you could be missing.
  • Increase Your Productivity: Ensuring that your data is organized will increase productivity within your company by helping your employees to find and understand data information easily, validate found results, and provide proper structures for information. It’s one thing to have data, and it’s another to understand it. It’s in the latter that increased productivity is found.




Ready to organize your data with the help of a skilled Fractional CDO? Contact Align BI to find out more about how our services can help you or call to get set up today!