We help companies collect, organize, and utilize data to make informed decisions that impact the success and future of their enterprise. Doing this requires a thorough data mining process that starts with looking at available data, and ends with a continuously improving dashboard interface that works with a company’s internal processes. Learn more about the step-by-step process of working with Align BI, below.

data mining process
  • Discover. Our process starts with an exploratory meeting with key decision makers within a company to determine what their goals are and what data is available to make that happen.
  • Verify. We layout a complete plan for our project to set clear metrics of success for our clients. This includes laying out specifics like a timeframe, cost, and scope.
  • Analyze. We conduct a thorough analysis of the business and the data that a company has access to, and then look at the bigger picture of what they can accomplish in their industry and what our services can do to improve their outlook.
  • Architect. Based on the needs of our client, we make recommendations and create a master plan for the support and solutions that we feel will make best use of the data that is available to them.
  • Prototype. Before starting on the larger buildout, we will create small scale examples of our interface strategy to give a company an idea of how it will function and fit in with their current business processes.
  • Implement. After our prototypes are approved, we scale them up to be a fully supported system that can be implemented throughout a company’s entire enterprise.
data mining process
data mining process
  • Extract. Next, take a company’s data and put it into a unified data warehouse, where it can be accessed, continuously updated, and drawn upon for our data mining visualizations.
  • Transform. We then set up the data warehouse to be easily accessible to the company and its personnel. This enables the data to be easily processed into tools that can be implemented as they are needed.
  • Load. We now take our prototype dashboard program and customize it to be used in conjunction with the entirety of the data warehouse information. Our dashboards can run reports, visual data, and help you make decisions that turn data into money and efficiency.
  • Test. After our system is built, we put it through a thorough testing period where we put it through extensive and stressful processes that ensure that it can handle extreme workloads, while ensuring the integrity of the data.
  • Review. After our own internal testing period, we work with our clients to have a small section of their company take our system for a test drive with their everyday tasks and processes, in order to ensure that its utility is fully realized.
  • Improve. After the system is approved by the client, we train their personnel to use it effectively for maximum benefit, and then we continue to improve that system based on needs and opportunities that arise.
data mining process


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