At Align BI, an important part of our business operations the creation and utilization of useful partnerships with a variety of tech companies that make it easier to provide data and present it in a meaningful way. One key partnership that we’ve set up and maintained over the years is with Snowflake, which greatly opens up our cloud capabilities when creating datasets and utilizing them for our other corporate data services.

What Is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a data warehousing company that is exclusively built for the cloud. Their goal is a complete modernization of the data warehouse, making for solutions that improve data sharing, scale better to a growing enterprise, are available all over the world, and give faster, more reliable results. They built their SQL data warehouse from scratch, making sure every component was designed to be more compatible with the cloud.

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How Snowflake Boosts Our Efforts

Our partnership with Snowflake enables us to provide cloud-based data warehouse solutions for our clients. This is a critical future-proofing step for utilizing large datasets across large enterprises. Using our partnership with Snowflake, our clients get access to a complete ANSI SQL data warehouse that can incorporate data from a large variety of sources. In order to maximize the types of data that can be built into their datasets, their impressive software can convert JSON, Avro, and XML to SQL.

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If you have further questions about how we put our innovative partnership with Snowflake to use, feel free to explore our data warehousing services page below to learn more about our process.

Snowflake Resource Library

If you’d like to learn more about Snowflake and how it operates, please feel free to browse through our resource library of topics related to their product and how to take advantage of it in your business.

Snowflake Pricing Explained

One of the big selling points of Snowflake is their adaptive pricing structure, which enables our clients to pay for only the data and computing power that they use over the course of the month. This innovative approach is highly scalable for businesses throughout many industries and makes it easy to grow one’s digital infrastructure and data warehousing capabilities without long periods of construction.

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Certification Training

Snowflake offers a certification test to show that one is knowledgeable about the functions of their virtual warehouses and how to build infrastructure on their cloud-based software. As Snowflake partners, the team at Align BI is more than just certified in their software. We are experts! However, in the long-term, it is important for IT people on your staff to be educated in how Snowflake works. That’s why we offer comprehensive training for Snowflake certification to your staff. This training specifically covers how your data tables and processes are incorporated into Snowflake, so the training is tailor-made to your company.

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Understanding Snowflake’s Architecture

Snowflake’s architecture is highly innovative, made up of a network of virtual warehouse clusters that utilize large numbers of servers that power cloud-based digital storage. Their advanced architecture comes with a variety of key features. Number one, it’s incredibly fast, with cloud-based performance that is second-to-none in the industry right now. Secondly, they are easily scalable, which cuts out the long build times that were common with data warehousing upgrades in the past. Lastly, there is an important lack of needed maintenance. Snowflake takes care of traditional data warehousing maintenance, such as index optimization, which means there’s less work required from your personnel.

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Incorporating Snowflake Reporting

When building a data warehouse within Snowflake’s platform, there are a variety of ways that you can set up easy reporting for executives and personnel to view. Ensuring quality reporting is a must when dealing with large datasets, as that data is critical to making important decisions that shape the face of the enterprise. Outside of internal reporting, the data sharing capabilities of Snowflake make it easy to share data with external parties, either for partnerships, data monetization, or government compliance.

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Our Snowflake Review

Please check out our review of Snowflake, as well as comparisons with other cloud-based data warehousing platforms, so you can compare strengths and weaknesses to determine which option is right for your company.

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If you have any questions about how our corporate data services can work for your enterprise, or have questions about how we can specifically utilize the data in your industry to the benefit of your company, then please give the team at Align B.I. a call, today!