Protecting Your Data


Every 39 seconds, there’s a cyberattack on a computer with internet access. One in three people is affected by this every year. It’s a terrifying statistic, but investing in data protection can help keep you and your clients’ information safe. For startups and business owners alike, investing in data protection is imperative. Of course, privacy across the board is highly important, and it goes beyond protecting yourself from any threat. Your clients and customers need to know that their information is safeguarded. What’s the best way to ensure a protection plan is put into place? By ensuring that someone in your corner is taking security seriously. With Align BI’s Fractional CDO services, your company reaps the benefits of having the assistance of a CDO at a lower cost. A CDO does more than simply improve your data, but can work to protect it as well.

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Why Should You Invest in Data Protection?

It’s no surprise that the business world is a highly competitive space, with business owners always looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition. Addressing privacy and data protection in your organization can help strengthen your company as a whole, ultimately shaping the way you do business as well as your image to both clients and employees.

There are a variety of data breaches that companies are susceptible to without proper protection. As businesses work to protect their physical assets, they should be doing the same with other, non visible components. A lack of security can mean detrimental consequences. A Fractional CDO will help your organization set up the meaningful components of a data security program, giving you and your team the peace of mind to work effectively.

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Why Data Protection is Important

Protecting your data is important for a number of reasons, including: 


  • Protecting Your Business’ Reputation: Data breaches can have severe consequences on how people see your company. Not having the have the proper protection in place. Privacy breaches negatively affected 46 percent of organizations’ reputation and brand value, a Forbes Insights report found.
  • Protect Your Business’ Time: Cyberattacks can put your company out of commission for any amount of time. Data protection can save you from dealing with any downtime caused by a hacker.
  • Protect Your Clients: The trust shared with a client can make or break a business. Not having the right data protection can reduce that trust and in turn, profitability.
  • Save You Money: Companies are legally responsible for any information theft, including confidential client information, financial details, and employees’ personal information. Data breaches are expensive and can cost you a significant fine and affect your company’s growth. 
  • Grow Your Company: Implementing data protection can strengthen your company and help it to grow. Making sense of data and organization can take up a large number of resources. Adding security to that list can feel nearly impossible, but it’s necessary for company growth. Although the need for a Fractional CDO may not exist currently, it likely will in a short amount of time. Be prepared with management that keeps you protected.



Hiring a Fractional CDO may be your answer to your data security issues. After all, a Fractional CDO works in a hybrid environment, working to not only maximize your data’s value but to control and secure it as well. If you have any questions about how a Fractional CDO can protect your data call us today!