A data warehouse without a data strategy is like a CRM without a sales plan


For 90% of businesses, data and analytics are critical to digital transformation (Gartner).

But for many, the internal data initiatives stop at a data warehouse


A data warehouse is not a data strategy.

If your dashboards and reports are disconnected from your company’s

mission and vision,you can’t make the right data-driven decisions.

You’re likely drowning in too much data,too many systems and tools,

and too many decisions on what to do with your current data

And every data decision you make? It’s reactive.

It’s time to get proactive with your data.







of businesses struggle with data management challenges -Veritas



of Big Data and AI executives report that they haven’t yet built a data culture – NewVantage Partners



of the top 5 data management challenges for businesses include: too many sources, too many data tools, and a lack of a data strategy – Veritas

The right data strategy can help your business achieve overall business goals. It can help you make truly informed data decisions, be proactive with your data insights, and focus data efforts on monetization and customer acquisition.

Businesses with an effective data strategy see incredible results

Data-driven organizations are:


more likely to acquire customers




more likely to be profitable






more likely to retain customers




more successful (improvements in EBITDA)


The Anatomy of an Effective Data Strategy

People > Process > Culture > Technology


Your data strategy should include more than a data lake or data warehouse. An effective data strategy considers people, processes, culture, and technology. If you only worry about the technology, you’re not data driven

Who should create and drive your data strategy?

Because 92% of businesses struggle with data management challenges (Veritas), many turn to a new, dedicated executive resource to build and implement an effective data strategy—a Chief Data Officer.

But hiring a CDO can be costly. On average, the tenure for a full-time CDO is less than two and a half years (Harvard Business Review) and the position is premature for many organizations that need to allocate budget to actually implement a data strategy.

And recently, more and more companies are favoring outside change agents in the CDO/CDAO role, turning away from insider veterans—only 16% of companies report hiring internal CDOs. (NewVantage Partners)

Get a Killer Data Strategy with a Fractional CDO

Now, you can get the Chief Data Officer strategy-without hiring a full-time CDO


How a fractional CDO can help your business:







Make data-driven decisions based on a data strategy that’s anchored to your organization’s larger mission and vision.







Wherever you are on your data journey, you’ll need a custom data roadmap, built just for your business. And with a fractional CDO, you get personalized support, too.







Spend your budget on implementing your data strategy, not just getting a plan. With a fractional CDO, you can allocate more to resources adopting the data strategy.

Fractional CDO: A full- time data strategy at a part-time cost

Just as fractional CFOs offer executive-level support to growing businesses, a fractional CDO can implement a data strategy that will help you increase revenue, decrease business costs, and reduce data- driven risks.

Align BI – Your Fractional CDO Firm


Get a customized data strategy with Align BI’s proprietary data strategy framework, proven over 15 years. We’ll help you connect your data strategy to your business mission and vision, build a personalized data roadmap, and implement data best practices across all 10 pillars of our data strategy framework.


With Align BI, you can

Get Proactive

Play data offense and defense with a new data strategy

Increase Sales

Use your data to improve customer acquisition and retention

Identify New Revenue

Find ways to monetize your data.